The most popular martial arts in the world!

The most popular martial arts in the world!

Whenever I watch sports (which is often) I like to sit back on my couch and bet on my favourite players if I find a good bonus code over at And whenever I watch sports, I get motivated to start exercising and get in shape. I have tried various forms of exercise without much success until I discovered martial arts! Martial arts are a form of physical combat that originated in Asia and became popular in the West. They range from traditional styles to modern techniques. Martial arts have various purposes, such as self-defence, sport fighting and meditation. Some people study martial arts to become better fighters while others use them for exercise or spiritual growth. Whatever your reasons might be for wanting to learn these skills, here are some of the most popular styles out there.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport. By practicing it, everybody can really defend themselves against people who are even stronger than them! BJJ is usually practised without strikes in order to emphasise throws, takedowns, submissions and control techniques. However, some BJJ practitioners also use striking techniques like kicks or knees from the standing position to set up an opportunity for executing a takedown or submission when the opponent’s balance is compromised.


Judo, which originated in Japan, is considered to be one of the most popular martial arts in the world. In fact, it’s so popular that there are over 100 million practitioners who train regularly across the globe!

Judo was developed by Jigoro Kano in 1882 and was originally called “Kano jiu-jitsu.” It’s a modern martial art based on traditional Japanese jujutsu but with an emphasis on throws rather than grappling. Its philosophy includes self-control and harmony with nature; these ideals underpin all aspects of judo training from physical conditioning to mental discipline. Today, practitioners compete in Olympic Games as well as other international competitions such as World Judo Championships or Asian Games (held every four years).


Karate is a Japanese martial art and a form of self-defence. It is also an Olympic sport, with its first appearance in 1964.

It’s based on the principle that the best defence is a strong offence and uses strikes, kicks, blocks, throws and holds to incapacitate or subdue an opponent.

The meaning of karate was lost over time and it was renamed “empty hand” before the 20th century when it gradually evolved into modern karate as we know it today.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a martial art developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld, who created it with the intention to teach his soldiers how to defend themselves against real-life situations.

Krav Maga was designed as a no-nonsense self-defence system that could be learned quickly and efficiently; its main focus is on fighting in close quarters, such as when faced with an assailant who is unarmed or armed only with a knife. Krav Maga practitioners learn how to use their body weight, balance and momentum to defeat larger opponents while inflicting maximum damage on their attacker. It also focuses on creating openings for counter strikes so that you can end the fight quickly, rather than trying to outlast your opponent’s attacks—this means using kicks and punches for both offence and defence.

Best Martial Arts Tournaments in the World

Best Martial Arts Tournaments in the World

Fans of fighting games and movies are also very enthusiastic about martial arts tournaments in their favorite media. There is a reason why the tournaments are the common plot hook for the movies, comics, games, and cartoons – they give the participants a chance to test their skills and training against some of the best fighters around. Martial arts tournaments are so popular that people often bet on fights with Codigo Promocional Wazamba and other similar offers. Here are some of the greatest martial arts tournaments in the world.

UFC Tournaments

There are few in this category, so we thought we would put them all together. Ultimate Fighting Championship is actually a company with its own rules and scheduled fights. It is now globally acclaimed and has hosted more than 400 events to this day. The championship and its events were originally envisioned as a way of finding out which martial art is the best, but it soon turned into a slug-fest everyone knows and loves.


This tournament is not for the athletes or the faint of heart. Do you remember seeing fighters wrap their limbs in chains or cover them with broken glass to inflict more damage to their opponents in the movies? Well, this is exactly what happens in Dambe tournaments in Africa. The fights can last indefinitely, depending on the crowd’s interest. The only way to end the fight s to either knock the opponent down or wait it out until the spectators get bored, meaning that it could be over in minutes or hours. Either way, no one comes out unscathed.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter a martial arts tournament without having to jump through hoops to qualify and get invited? Well, wonder no more. The World Open Martial Arts Championship is on every year and the competitors around the world either fight using their respective martial arts or display form. So, if you are a master of taekwondo, wushu, or any other martial art that focuses on open-hand combat or weapons, you are welcome to try and enter the tournament.

Karate World Championships

Though karate has become a way to honor tradition in certain schools, there are still world championships held every two years. There are two disciplines to compete in, kumite and kata. Kumite is a way of attacking and blocking with your hands, whereas kata is the practice of karate forms. It’s not about putting your opponent out of commission, but it’s about clean scoring with very strict rules regarding what you can and can’t do while fighting. For example, you cannot be passive, wait it out, or feign injury. You also cannot use dangerous techniques, leave the area, or taunt your opponent.

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

It is nearly impossible to stay in shape with the amount of fast and convenient food, impossible work schedules and everyday obligations. The truly dedicated take some precious time away from sleep in order to do their exercises at 5am or just after midnight, while most of us simply don’t bother.

However, there are exercises that can improve our health that we can incorporate in our lives without pausing from what we are supposed to be doing. In order to improve your health, we have come up with exercises you can do anywhere while you are watching a movie, or working in an office. Here are some workouts you can do.


When we think about exercise, the first thought that pops into our minds is usually the gym. However, calisthenics can be done anywhere. Here are a few exercises in that category you can do at home.


Depending on the intensity of your workout, this could take anywhere between five minutes and half an hour. It is a good idea to try out some variations to keep things fresh. Each pushup variant has their own goal. Wide-grip pushups are there to expand your chest, while close-grip and diamond pushups work on your triceps. Work your way up to Spiderman pushups and one-handed pushups.


This exercise becomes more and more important as we get older. Your feet should be a shoulder’s width apart and, while squatting, make sure your knee doesn’t do beyond your toes. For those of us who have never been good at squats, like myself, the easier variant involves simply sitting down on a chair and standing up again.


Your abs need a workout too. Start with simple crunches and, when you’re up for it, test out some variants, including the plank. These exercises will improve your core strength. This is one of the easiest exercises to do, and you can do it in front of the TV!


Yoga is often neglected, as it does not provide you with any visible muscles. What could possibly be a point to this type of exercise? Well, not only does it make you more limber, it also helps you deal with stress. Each Yoga exercise takes about 5 minutes, so you don’t have to do them together. Listen to your audiobook, do chores, or incorporate the breathing techniques into your tasks.


The runners and swimmers often feel constricted at home. Not to worry, there are other cardio exercises you can do. Running in place, high knees, and jumping jacks are just some of the exercises you can do without the equipment. If you have a treadmill, or an exercise bike, you can place them in front of your computer to make calls or enjoy your favorite shows. Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean your heart and lungs should suffer for it.

A Few Things

Always remember to stretch. Doing exercises without proper stretching can lead to serious injury. Ideally, though this isn’t always possible, you should stretch before and after the workout. Remember to stay hydrated, as it is very important and, ironically, easy to forget. Don’t get impatient with your results – working out requires dedication. Eating and sleeping are also essential for good health.

Best Martial Arts Movies

Best Martial Arts Movies

To this day, I prefer watching movies over any sort of entertainment. Okay, I sometimes enjoy using Virginia Lottery Promo Code 2022 for fun, I have to admit. But in general, movies are always, and have always been my go-to. I grew up watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on TV. I wanted to be able to fight off a group of people and look cool doing it. Nowadays, people are more interested in superhero movies. However, if you are in the market for some awesome hand-to-hand combat, these are the movies you simply must see.

Ip Man

Ip Man is a movie about the life of, you’ve guessed it, Ip Man, the mentor of the world-famous Bruce Lee. The movie depicts the changes in Wing Chun style, as well as struggling with poverty and trying to maintain a sense of integrity and not back down in spite of the constant pressure from the Chinese community. The fighting scenes do feature some of the notorious special effects, but it is still a movie that should be on your list.

Enter the Dragon

Well, any Bruce Lee movie, to be honest. Enter the Dragon is on this list simply because it features the greatest movie martial artist of all time destroying his opponents during a martial arts tournament on a private island. I will not give out any spoilers, but the scene with the mirrors alone is worth it.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

By this point, it is clear that I’ve shown some favoritism. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a movie adaptation of a book written by his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. Jason Scott Lee depicts our hero as he struggles in China and, subsequently, in the US while attempting to break away from tradition and develop his own martial art.

Drunken Master

In 1978, a movie starring Jackie Chan was made that introduced the Drunken Style of fighting to the western audiences. The story follows a mischievous man, Wong Fei-Hung, who is a troublemaker and a slacker. After numerous incidents, his father sends him away to be taught by his friend, Beggar So. The training is excruciating and Wong finally masters both the Drunken Style and the discipline he so desperately needed.

Kung Fu Hustle

This film is perfect for comedy lovers. The movie does a splendid job of parodying every martial arts movie ever. It follows the troubles of a small and poor community, under the most difficult and loud landlady (always in a nightgown, smoking, with hair-curlers), and, on the other hand, two young and clumsy men trying to earn respect by becoming members of a dangerous gang. The action is over-the-top, the special effects are cartoonish, and the writing is full of inconsistent clichés. That being said, it should still be on your list, because it managed to achieve its comedic goal, while still preserving what we love about martial arts movies – the unrealistic action and mysticism.

How to Find the Best Martial Arts Resources? – A Guide to Finding Good Martial Arts Guides

How to Find the Best Martial Arts Resources? – A Guide to Finding Good Martial Arts Guides

Martial arts can be learned online, but only partly. The best way of learning martial arts is by doing, and you can only do that with a sparring partner. Fighting alone, in your room, or hitting a boxing bag is only going to get you so far. So, what are the best resources for learning martial arts? What is the best guide? There are plenty, so consider these before going to a local dojo.


Martial arts tournaments are a great way of getting to know the various styles that you can learn and practice. Mixed Martial Arts tournaments are also quite popular and they can show you which styles fighters combine to have the best effect. A great resource for finding different martial arts tournaments are sportsbooks. Even a new online sportsbook can get you the necessary information, such as the time and date of a martial arts tournament. You also get the benefit of a bonus code, should you decide to bet.


Books have been a very known resource for learning martial arts. Bruce Lee wrote plenty of books which teach his own Jeet Kune Do. They are illustrated and have more than just kick and punch exercises. Many contain breathing exercises and philosophies which are sometimes even more important than learning the moves. Anyone can throw a punch, but few are those who can stop themselves from fighting, especially when they are favored to win.

Online Tutorials

This is probably the most common resource for learning martial arts, today. People will always turn to tutorials and guides for anything from boiling an egg to learning the most advanced jumping kicks. Advanced jumping kicks are not mandatory for a novel martial arts student, but the basic movements, breathing exercises, and philosophies definitely are.

Take your time when choosing an online tutorial as you can end up with learning something that is not correct. A bad form can lead to an injury, which can cause you chronic pain. Be diligent and compare various channels and instructors. Do your research in written form, too, not just multimedia.

Local Dojos or Clubs

If you want to learn any form of martial arts, you need sparring partners. You can learn the moves but if you never get to practice them with someone, you will never get the actual experience of knowing those moves. Many of them, you will find unusable in a duel and you will learn to appreciate the basics even more.

Whether you choose a dojo or a local club, it is up to you. Mixed martial arts clubs are usually flexible and you can practice any fighting style there, especially your own. It all comes down to experience, and where there are more fighters, you can practice more.

Find Your Sparring Partners

If you can find your own sparring partner, that would be even better. You can choose what to practice and how much. You can learn from the repeated sessions, especially if your partner is an experienced fighter. Changing partners is also recommended to keep your guard up as someone new might find weaknesses which your regular partner missed.

These resources should help you find your way to the martial arts style you like, but always remember the basics as they are the most important part of any skill.

Four things new martial arts students should consider

Four things new martial arts students should consider

If running on a treadmill and weightlifting don’t work for you anymore, and you are considering switching things up a little, maybe you should consider joining martial art classes? Not only will it be beneficial for your fitness and help you stay in shape, but it will also improve your overall well-being. Needless to say, you will learn how to throw those super-precise punches.

Here are a few things all beginner should consider before they Hajime [hah-jee-may] or begin in Japanese, the language used for many martial arts commands and terms.

  1.    Pick the right sport

You certainly know that there are quite a lot of martial arts to choose from, so deciding which one to take up can be quite a challenge. Kickboxing will give you an intense cardio workout and increase your coordination, strength, and confidence. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for those who are keen on wrestling but want to take it to the next level. If you want to go old-school, there is always boxing.

Once you pick your sport, it is easy to immerse yourself in everything related to it – from keeping track of the latest news to watching martial arts videos online. If you want to make it all more interesting and spice things up a bit, many websites offer martial arts-themed casino games, like slots, that will remind you of your favorite sport even while you are having fun. Promotions allow you to claim a bonus when you start playing such games.

  1.    Invest in good training equipment

Even though the training gear for most martial arts like karate, aikido, judo or taekwondo is on the pricey side, having the right equipment is of the utmost importance. Investing in quality stuff should be your priority because your equipment is there not only for your protection but the protection of your opponents as well. A lot of injuries can be prevented if you are properly geared up so this is an investment that should be on the top of your list. You are going to need a groin protector and a mouthpiece for any sport you choose, so make sure to get them from the start.

  1.     Be open to learning

Many beginners make the mistake of thinking they know all about martial arts because they saw it on TV or they did a little research online. You should go to your class with an open mind, and leave all you think you know outside the door. If you want to improve, you have to learn, and you will only get better if you do a lot of practice.

When it comes to martial arts, it’s all about having proper technique and many students begin overthinking and doubting themselves. All it takes sometimes is not thinking but just doing it.

  1.    Stay determined and push through

All beginnings are tough, and accidents can happen (although classes are safe most of the time). After all, martial arts are mainly contact sports, and you will definitely get a bruise or a bump or two from time to time. As you improve, you will learn how to avoid getting bruised, and that is the whole point.

You cannot expect to get results overnight, and you might sometimes feel like you are not making a lot of progress. It certainly won’t be easy, and you will feel like giving up because you may think you don’t have what it takes. At such times, you need to find the strength to hold on and move forward. Remember that nothing comes easy and that you have come a long way from the day you started. Remember why you started this journey and keep on pushing through.

How to Bet on Martial Arts – a Few Tips

How to Bet on Martial Arts – a Few Tips

Sports and betting on sports is nothing new, especially in the countries where gambling is legal and has been legal for over a century or so. When talking about betting on martial arts, things are different even though the basics stay the same.

Sure, those in the UK, for example, will be familiar, even more so those who frequent online casinos.

Whether you do it online or if you have the option of visiting an actual bookmaker, take a look at these tips on how you should approach martial arts betting.

Tips on Betting on Martial Arts

Depending on the martial arts of your choice, you can bet on a lot of things, from karate and taekwondo, to the ever popular MMA tournaments. While betting on other martial arts is rarely found except at underground fights where you would bet in person and even karate and taekwondo are rarely seen as betting opportunities, MMA is very attractive to punters everywhere, as well as bookmakers.

Betting on MMA

The first thing to note is that MMA is not the same as UFC, and that would best be explained with a football counterpart. FIFA is an organization, the World Cup a cup and football a sport and likewise, MMA is a sport and the UFC a championship, namely the Ultimate Fighting Championship and one of many, for that matter.

There are plenty of championships you can bet on, like the UFC, but likewise the Bellator MMA, the ACB or Absolute Championship Berkut, Fight Nights Global and many, many more.

Betting on these events is possible, but various types of bets exist. Here are a couple of things you can bet on:

  • The Match, Victory – Whether a certain fighter will win a match. The more of a favorite a fighter is, the less money you can earn by winning, pretty much the same in all other sports.
  • Over and Under bets – These bets are for whether a match will last over or under a certain number of rounds. The bets start from 1.5 rounds to 3.5 rounds, both over and under.
  • Victory Methods – This is a very interesting bet which can net you a lot of money. You bet on how a match will end, Knockout, Submission, Referee, Doctor or Corner stoppage, Disqualification and No Contest.

All of these can gain you money but only if you know your fighters and the matches. Take note of the various things leading to the match such as the fighter’s history or injuries. Anything can help you make an educated bet, especially if you do enough research.