How to Find the Best Martial Arts Resources? – A Guide to Finding Good Martial Arts Guides

Martial arts can be learned online, but only partly. The best way of learning martial arts is by doing, and you can only do that with a sparring partner. Fighting alone, in your room, or hitting a boxing bag is only going to get you so far. So, what are the best resources for learning martial arts? What is the best guide? There are plenty, so consider these before going to a local dojo.


Martial arts tournaments are a great way of getting to know the various styles that you can learn and practice. Mixed Martial Arts tournaments are also quite popular and they can show you which styles fighters combine to have the best effect. A great resource for finding different martial arts tournaments are sportsbooks. Even a new online sportsbook can get you the necessary information, such as the time and date of a martial arts tournament. You also get the benefit of a bonus code, should you decide to bet.


Books have been a very known resource for learning martial arts. Bruce Lee wrote plenty of books which teach his own Jeet Kune Do. They are illustrated and have more than just kick and punch exercises. Many contain breathing exercises and philosophies which are sometimes even more important than learning the moves. Anyone can throw a punch, but few are those who can stop themselves from fighting, especially when they are favored to win.

Online Tutorials

This is probably the most common resource for learning martial arts, today. People will always turn to tutorials and guides for anything from boiling an egg to learning the most advanced jumping kicks. Advanced jumping kicks are not mandatory for a novel martial arts student, but the basic movements, breathing exercises, and philosophies definitely are.

Take your time when choosing an online tutorial as you can end up with learning something that is not correct. A bad form can lead to an injury, which can cause you chronic pain. Be diligent and compare various channels and instructors. Do your research in written form, too, not just multimedia.

Local Dojos or Clubs

If you want to learn any form of martial arts, you need sparring partners. You can learn the moves but if you never get to practice them with someone, you will never get the actual experience of knowing those moves. Many of them, you will find unusable in a duel and you will learn to appreciate the basics even more.

Whether you choose a dojo or a local club, it is up to you. Mixed martial arts clubs are usually flexible and you can practice any fighting style there, especially your own. It all comes down to experience, and where there are more fighters, you can practice more.

Find Your Sparring Partners

If you can find your own sparring partner, that would be even better. You can choose what to practice and how much. You can learn from the repeated sessions, especially if your partner is an experienced fighter. Changing partners is also recommended to keep your guard up as someone new might find weaknesses which your regular partner missed.

These resources should help you find your way to the martial arts style you like, but always remember the basics as they are the most important part of any skill.

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