Best Martial Arts Tournaments in the World

Fans of fighting games and movies are also very enthusiastic about martial arts tournaments in their favorite media. There is a reason why the tournaments are the common plot hook for the movies, comics, games, and cartoons – they give the participants a chance to test their skills and training against some of the best fighters around. Martial arts tournaments are so popular that people often bet on fights with Codigo Promocional Wazamba and other similar offers. Here are some of the greatest martial arts tournaments in the world.

UFC Tournaments

There are few in this category, so we thought we would put them all together. Ultimate Fighting Championship is actually a company with its own rules and scheduled fights. It is now globally acclaimed and has hosted more than 400 events to this day. The championship and its events were originally envisioned as a way of finding out which martial art is the best, but it soon turned into a slug-fest everyone knows and loves.


This tournament is not for the athletes or the faint of heart. Do you remember seeing fighters wrap their limbs in chains or cover them with broken glass to inflict more damage to their opponents in the movies? Well, this is exactly what happens in Dambe tournaments in Africa. The fights can last indefinitely, depending on the crowd’s interest. The only way to end the fight s to either knock the opponent down or wait it out until the spectators get bored, meaning that it could be over in minutes or hours. Either way, no one comes out unscathed.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter a martial arts tournament without having to jump through hoops to qualify and get invited? Well, wonder no more. The World Open Martial Arts Championship is on every year and the competitors around the world either fight using their respective martial arts or display form. So, if you are a master of taekwondo, wushu, or any other martial art that focuses on open-hand combat or weapons, you are welcome to try and enter the tournament.

Karate World Championships

Though karate has become a way to honor tradition in certain schools, there are still world championships held every two years. There are two disciplines to compete in, kumite and kata. Kumite is a way of attacking and blocking with your hands, whereas kata is the practice of karate forms. It’s not about putting your opponent out of commission, but it’s about clean scoring with very strict rules regarding what you can and can’t do while fighting. For example, you cannot be passive, wait it out, or feign injury. You also cannot use dangerous techniques, leave the area, or taunt your opponent.

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