Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

It is nearly impossible to stay in shape with the amount of fast and convenient food, impossible work schedules and everyday obligations. The truly dedicated take some precious time away from sleep in order to do their exercises at 5am or just after midnight, while most of us simply don’t bother.

However, there are exercises that can improve our health that we can incorporate in our lives without pausing from what we are supposed to be doing. In order to improve your health, we have come up with exercises you can do anywhere while you are watching a movie, or working in an office. Here are some workouts you can do.


When we think about exercise, the first thought that pops into our minds is usually the gym. However, calisthenics can be done anywhere. Here are a few exercises in that category you can do at home.


Depending on the intensity of your workout, this could take anywhere between five minutes and half an hour. It is a good idea to try out some variations to keep things fresh. Each pushup variant has their own goal. Wide-grip pushups are there to expand your chest, while close-grip and diamond pushups work on your triceps. Work your way up to Spiderman pushups and one-handed pushups.


This exercise becomes more and more important as we get older. Your feet should be a shoulder’s width apart and, while squatting, make sure your knee doesn’t do beyond your toes. For those of us who have never been good at squats, like myself, the easier variant involves simply sitting down on a chair and standing up again.


Your abs need a workout too. Start with simple crunches and, when you’re up for it, test out some variants, including the plank. These exercises will improve your core strength. This is one of the easiest exercises to do, and you can do it in front of the TV!


Yoga is often neglected, as it does not provide you with any visible muscles. What could possibly be a point to this type of exercise? Well, not only does it make you more limber, it also helps you deal with stress. Each Yoga exercise takes about 5 minutes, so you don’t have to do them together. Listen to your audiobook, do chores, or incorporate the breathing techniques into your tasks.


The runners and swimmers often feel constricted at home. Not to worry, there are other cardio exercises you can do. Running in place, high knees, and jumping jacks are just some of the exercises you can do without the equipment. If you have a treadmill, or an exercise bike, you can place them in front of your computer to make calls or enjoy your favorite shows. Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean your heart and lungs should suffer for it.

A Few Things

Always remember to stretch. Doing exercises without proper stretching can lead to serious injury. Ideally, though this isn’t always possible, you should stretch before and after the workout. Remember to stay hydrated, as it is very important and, ironically, easy to forget. Don’t get impatient with your results – working out requires dedication. Eating and sleeping are also essential for good health.

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