How to Bet on Martial Arts – a Few Tips

How to Bet on Martial Arts – a Few Tips

Sports and betting on sports is nothing new, especially in the countries where gambling is legal and has been legal for over a century or so. When talking about betting on martial arts, things are different even though the basics stay the same.

Sure, those in the UK, for example, will be familiar, even more so those who frequent online casinos.

Whether you do it online or if you have the option of visiting an actual bookmaker, take a look at these tips on how you should approach martial arts betting.

Tips on Betting on Martial Arts

Depending on the martial arts of your choice, you can bet on a lot of things, from karate and taekwondo, to the ever popular MMA tournaments. While betting on other martial arts is rarely found except at underground fights where you would bet in person and even karate and taekwondo are rarely seen as betting opportunities, MMA is very attractive to punters everywhere, as well as bookmakers.

Betting on MMA

The first thing to note is that MMA is not the same as UFC, and that would best be explained with a football counterpart. FIFA is an organization, the World Cup a cup and football a sport and likewise, MMA is a sport and the UFC a championship, namely the Ultimate Fighting Championship and one of many, for that matter.

There are plenty of championships you can bet on, like the UFC, but likewise the Bellator MMA, the ACB or Absolute Championship Berkut, Fight Nights Global and many, many more.

Betting on these events is possible, but various types of bets exist. Here are a couple of things you can bet on:

  • The Match, Victory – Whether a certain fighter will win a match. The more of a favorite a fighter is, the less money you can earn by winning, pretty much the same in all other sports.
  • Over and Under bets – These bets are for whether a match will last over or under a certain number of rounds. The bets start from 1.5 rounds to 3.5 rounds, both over and under.
  • Victory Methods – This is a very interesting bet which can net you a lot of money. You bet on how a match will end, Knockout, Submission, Referee, Doctor or Corner stoppage, Disqualification and No Contest.

All of these can gain you money but only if you know your fighters and the matches. Take note of the various things leading to the match such as the fighter’s history or injuries. Anything can help you make an educated bet, especially if you do enough research.